J&J Opp

“We want to express how you have removed some of the tarnish on our opinion of realtors. Most of my experiences with realtors gave me the impression they were working to get the commission. They would say and do anything to get the deal closed. Not once did I get that impression from you. You were always looking out for us and our desire to sell the house for the most money and least expenses to do so.

You did an outstanding job in the selling of our place. From the moment of our first meeting at the house I appreciated your philosophy and integrity. You also told me you would work hard to sell it. Little did I know how you defined “work hard”. You were on top of every little detail that came up. Again, due to our being out of town it made it difficult to find repairmen and get the repairs done that needed done to fulfill the sales contract. But, you stepped in and handled all of them at fair prices and good work.

I appreciated your good communication with us. We always knew how things were going whether it was the results of a showing or where we were at on getting one more detail crossed off the list. By phone, text or email you seemed to be available anytime and responded very quickly.

We are extremely happy that the house sold as quickly as it did.

You are a delightful y lady and it was a pleasure to do business with you.

Thanks again for a job well done.”

J&J Opp